Why I think fear of my equipment makes me a good photographer

I am afraid of lots of things, mice, snakes, frogs, lizards but nothing scares me worse than my own camera equipment. There you have it, a photographer who is legit scared of her gear. I wasn’t always like this, it changed in the last year for me where my confidence took a beating and I interpreted that as not knowing how to shoot. I realize that this blog doesn’t instill huge amounts of confidence, but hopefully, as you read along, you’ll come to understand why a fear of my camera gear makes me a better photographer in the long run. There is nothing worse than having your picture taken by someone who is ego driven and who is overly confident. Sometimes, they are unwilling to bend or be flexible in a shoot because they know all. Working with someone who has a respect and a healthy fear of their equipment means that they will have respect for you. Think of professional photography as a team effort. We work for you and we work with you to bring your authenticity to a new level.