Why does vulnerability kill us, but it translates so beautifully to everyone else?

I have such a hard time with vulnerability. I will do almost anything to avoid that feeling of being out in the open, raw and afraid, but it translates phenomenally through the lens and as a photographer, I should strive to do what I ask of others. Have you ever felt like no one would understand you if you shared your personal truth? Or if you told someone you loved them and had that fear that they wouldn’t reciprocate? Look, I get it. I feel that anxiety all the time over one thing or another, but the truth is, photography is an illusion. We manipulate light and backgrounds and even slightly alter your appearance through subtle editing, so when we have a model that can truly release and allow their fears to come out, it results in magic. When I first began photography as a professional, I called my business Free Yourself Photography because I really wanted people to feel like they could do exactly that and I even named my blog, Free Yourself, A Love Movement. Freeing yourself has long been a fascination of mine. Years ago, I agreed to do a shoot with fellow photographer Gabe Parker where I got made up to resemble singer Adele. It was a really long shoot and I did my best to just release and let go of my fears, my anxiety, my body dysmorphia and plug into the experience. If you truly want something that will change your perspective and perhaps your life, hire a professional photographer and get plugged into and get real with the experience.  – Peace, Kate