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You hate my work – thank you?

Critics will always exist, that is a hard truth that most people don’t like accepting but when does criticism cross the line from being constructive to rudeness and how should you handle it? You cannot be in this industry and have a thin skin because everyone will critique you. Don’t believe me? Just wait until […]


What Day is it Again?

These are uncertain times we are in folks, there is no denying it. With the onset of the Covid 19 virus becoming a global pandemic, it has left heartbreak and devastation in its wake. People have lost jobs, businesses have closed, entire cities have shut down and sadly, thousands of people have died due to […]

Saying goodbye is never easy

I have restarted this blog several times because the words feel hollow, probably because that is what I feel. Two days ago, April 9, 2020, I got a late night call that my mentor and one of my closest friends had died. Even now, it doesn’t feel real. I had just talked to Jim Sunday […]

Trust Your Journey

In early 2008, I was working in the medical field when I sustained a serious injury. After 13 procedures on my spine, my physical therapist “Look at the bright side, you get to reinvent your life.” In 2012, I was in love, independently wealthy, with an addiction to pain pills following that injury four years […]

Why I think fear of my equipment makes me a good photographer

I am afraid of lots of things, mice, snakes, frogs, lizards but nothing scares me worse than my own camera equipment. There you have it, a photographer who is legit scared of her gear. I wasn’t always like this, it changed in the last year for me where my confidence took a beating and I […]

Stay Focused Student

I am asked occasionally what is the most important thing I have learned as a photographer. Honestly, it’s that I will forever be a student of my craft. The day you stop learning or worse, the day you believe you know it all is the day you need to get rid of your gear. My […]

What is this Sending the Elevator Back Down anyway?

You will be hearing a lot about “sending the elevator back down” here at Kate Doster Media. It came from a discussion with a friend and colleague when we were discussing working with a make-up student. My friend said “that’s why we do what we do, send the elevator back down.” I became obsessed with […]