What Day is it Again?

These are uncertain times we are in folks, there is no denying it. With the onset of the Covid 19 virus becoming a global pandemic, it has left heartbreak and devastation in its wake. People have lost jobs, businesses have closed, entire cities have shut down and sadly, thousands of people have died due to this horrific disease. We have certainly seen the ugly side of people with the selfishness of hoarding cleaning supplies and people insisting on being in public places with no regard for others. However, one positive thing that has happened is that people are really in touch with their creativity. Whether it is a tik tok video, a neighborhood flash mob while respecting social distancing or an online karaoke community on social media, people are using their imaginations to help stave off the enemy of isolation, boredom.  Change to a routine can be stressful for a lot of people, this creative especially. I applaud anyone out there setting your imagination and your creativity free. Get your dance, your drawing, your photography, and your poetry, whatever it is, get your groove on. Take this opportunity to look around you and see how the earth is healing itself and recognize that we each have something to do with minimizing our carbon footprint. My grandmother lived through the Depression and carried those lessons that she learned from those difficult times throughout her entire life. May we not waste this chance we’ve been given to learn from what we have been doing. We can live with less, we can find other ways to entertain ourselves, we can look for the helpers as Mr. Rogers mother once told him or we can become the helpers. Carry on weary friend and know that we at Kate Doster Media see you; we hear you and we are praying for relief for all.